Semester Ending.

Well the end of the semester is finally here. I am relieved yet disappointed. I find myself really getting into the art world and want to keep working on it obsessively. However, life has been insanely busy in the past few months and being able to come up for air finally is a relief. I have learned a lot and have certainly developed some skills that I can develop even further. I have to say I will not view anything in the same way again. This experience has certainy been an eyeopener and I really enjoyed my classes.


Katonah Museum of Art

The current exhibit in the Beitzel and Righter Galleries at the Katonah Museum of Art is showing through Dec 31’s and is titled:

New York, New York! The 20th Century.

This has paintings, photos and sculpture on display from artists such as Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Stuart Davis, Andreas Feininger, William Gropper, Childe Hassam,Edward Hopper, Reginald Marsh, and Edward Steichen and is worth the visit as it has something for everyone.

Also in the learning Center and Project Gallery is Storied City: New York in Picture Book Art.

This is a collection of artwork from picture books. One of the works that caught my eye was  “Six image sequence of girl coming to New York” from Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick (Scholastic, 2011) This was a series of drawing created in graphite and created for the Artists book “Wonderstruck.” Selznick is also the author of   “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”  which was recently made into a film and released in November by Martin Scorsese aptly titled “Hugo”

Having seen Selznicks  work I am definetly more interested in seeing this movie and may have to purchase his books.


What is Cubism

I thought I had better get a good grasp on Cubism in order to complete my project and found the following site.

The site gives some background on  George Braque and Pablo Picasso who are credited with starting the Cubist movement.


Preview of Hyper Project

This is not as easy as I thought but it is coming along. This is somewhat like the finished product. It will need some significant touching up though.

Cubism Project

I am still unsure what I plan on doing as an example of Cubism. I don’t know that I completely envision what it is about. But the landscape picture shown might make a good base to start from.

Art and Smartphones, a New Artmaking Landscape Using Augmented Reality Chris Manzione

 Chris Manzione presented an overview of his work during a lecture at the Center for the Digital Arts in Peekskill on Tuesday October 25th. Chris  is a pioneer of this art form which I had never heard of, and spoke about the Virtual Public Art Project. I was blown away by the whole idea of augmented reality and was astounded by the progress that has been made in this arena as well as the potential of this technology. This Augmented Reality, or AR, a technique uses free smart phone apps to overlay 3-D images and information on top of real-time screen visuals as seen through the smart phone camera lens. The technology is built on the Layar platform ( and overlays 3D models in space visible only with a smartphone.

Just imagine you are walking down the street and actually walk through a sculpture. You would imagine that you would see it or feel something, right? Well you won’t. You will not see it or be aware of it’s existence without the aid of a smartphone. The amazing thing is that anyone can create their 3D images and show them anywhere in the world: without even going there!! Check out Chris’s website at

Project #1 Hyper Realism

Hyper-Realism Project Thumbnails



"White Water" stream.

Barrell Raft

Barrell Rafting Chicken

My goal for project #1 is to take the three pictures of the stream, the barrell and the chicken and create a “Barrell Rafting Chicken”  Hyper-Realism

   The stream will form the background image. I will attempt to cut the barrell in half (so far having some difficulty with this) and place the chicken inside. The barrell with the chicken will then be inset into the stream background. See my Hyper page.

Wish me luck!